The idea for Vinnie the Vampire came to me in late 1993. I created the “Vinnie”, “Sunny” and “Mom” characters then and a loose idea for the comic setting. I wanted to do a family of suburban vampires but I realized I’d have to bend vampire rules a little to get there. My vampires age but at a much slower rate than humans, about one for every ten. For example if Vampa is 900 he is about 90 in human years. I really didn’t have a dad growing up so I never felt inspired to create a dad for the family. Eventually, the comic was placed in the bowels of my “idea coffin” and left to lie for years. A few times I found the comic and thought “Ya know, I like this idea, I should develop it further.” Then once again it would go into the “idea coffin” for some additional years. In the latter part of 2011 I came across the characters and decided I would give this comic a shot. Vampa was created pretty quickly after that and I began creating the early comics you can see today in my archives. I’ve always been a big fan of “Peanuts” and I thought I should develop a pet for Vinnie. A bat seemed like a cool choice and the rest is history for Belfry. Bob came to me after I was rolling pretty good with the comic ideas, I liked the thought of a non-vampiric character I could play ideas off of. I went online with the comic shortly after my birthday in July of 2011 when my family bought me the domain name “ . I’ve been going at it as hard as I could since then and the support and kindness of my friends and family has been overwhelming. I’m not sure where this comic will take me into the future but I can’t imagine my life without it. The characters feel like old friends that I lost touch with over the years and it feels so good to introduce you all to them. I hope you enjoy the comic as much as I do creating them. Thank you all.