Sep 7Comic Intro
Sep 8Garlic
Sep 9Two Fangs Are Better Than One
Sep 10Handicap Parking
Sep 11Vampa Intro
Sep 12I’m Still Undead…
Sep 13Finders Keepers…
Sep 14My Trunk Is On The Porch…
Sep 15Vampa / Sunny Intro
Sep 16The Trunk
Sep 17Vinnie Meets Belfry
Sep 18Fingers
Sep 19Pillow Talk
Sep 20Goody Goody Gumdrops…
Sep 21The Name
Sep 23Belfry’s Bandage
Sep 24Ain’t To Proud To Beg…
Sep 25This Could Only Happen To Belfry…
Sep 26Sunny Beats…er, Meets Belfry!
Sep 27Bob Intro
Sep 28Cold Turkey
Sep 29Bath Time
Sep 30Crucifixes
Oct 1Halloweener Intro
Oct 2Vinnie Meets The Halloweener
Oct 3Mummy
Oct 4Halloween Traditions
Oct 5Werewolf
Oct 6Ghosts!
Oct 7Playing In The Garden
Oct 8Pumpkin Patch!!!
Oct 9Pumpkin Wagon!
Oct 10Breathtaking Pumpkin Patch
Oct 11Pumpkin Perceptions
Oct 12Spooky Or Goofy
Oct 13Pumpkin Guts
Oct 14You Get What You Pay For…
Oct 15Zombie Attack!
Oct 16Tales Of Dismemberment
Oct 17Tomatoes…
Oct 18Cart Wheels And Back Flips
Oct 19Stereotypes
Oct 20Halloween Games
Oct 21The Physics Of Halloween
Oct 22If You Want Something Done…
Oct 22Goober
Oct 23BOO!
Oct 24Dry Run
Oct 25FUN!
Oct 26Vinnie’s Favorite…
Oct 27Halloween’s Official Mascot
Oct 28Don’t Let The Costume Fool You…
Oct 29Costumes, Costumes!
Oct 30Goodbye, Halloweener
Oct 31Halloween!
Nov 2What A Waste…
Nov 4Blood Curdling Scream
Nov 7Vampires That Recycle…
Nov 9The List
Nov 11Vampire Urges
Nov 14The Red Crayon
Nov 16Meet Abby
Nov 18Gassy
Nov 21It Depends…
Nov 29Bath Time
Nov 30Box Of Crucifixes
Dec 7Abby Pulls Through!
Dec 9Ahhh, Glory Days…
Dec 12Bob Says A Mouthfull
Dec 14Sleepless in Transylton
Dec 16Peanut Butter Blues
Dec 19Bloody Mary
Dec 21Vinnie Has A Nightmare
Dec 23Santa Sunny
Dec 26Vampa New Year
Dec 28Sunny New Year
Dec 30Conscience


Jan 2Swinging With Her Thoughts
Jan 4Brass Knuckles
Jan 6Vinnie’s Hiccups
Jan 9The Hazards Of Domestication
Jan 11Sunny’s Hero
Jan 13Friday the 13th!
Jan 16Vinnie’s In Deep!
Jan 18Vampa Weathers The Storm
Jan 20It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…
Jan 25The Vinnies
Jan 27Salem’s Lot
Jan 30Human Centipede
Feb 1Van Heelslug
Feb 3Special Delivery
Feb 6Vampires Shouldn’t Sparkle
Feb 8My 100th Comic!
Feb 10Vampco Toys Presents…
Feb 13Full Moon
Feb 15Vampa’s Valentine
Feb 17Bob Tells A Joke
Feb 20Vinnie On Vampa
Feb 22Vampa Tells A Tale
Feb 24“A” Vs. “O”
Feb 27Sunny Makes A Funny!
Feb 29Do Not Adjust Your Monitors…
Mar 2Heelslug Nightmare
Mar 5Vinnie’s Grave Opinion
Mar 7Pucker up, Vinnie!
Mar 9Bob Bites Off More Than He Can Chew!
Mar 12Vinnie is Falling
Mar 14She’s Vinnie’s Type
Mar 16Val Is Coming!
Mar 19The Cloud
Mar 21A Night In The Park
Mar 23Long Day
Mar 26Pity Party
Mar 28Therapy
Mar 30Bob’s Blues
Apr 2Tantrum
Apr 4Call Me Daddy…
Apr 6Drum Beat
Apr 9The Yawn
Apr 11Softy at Heart
Apr 13Friday the 13th Strikes Again!
Apr 16Sunny the Surfer
Apr 18Step On A Crack…
Apr 20Bob Visits the Vet!
Apr 23Don’t Worry, Be Crappy…
Apr 25Blood Bank
Apr 27Vinnie and Val
Apr 30This “Just” Sucks
May 2Work Ethics
May 4Rock On, Vinnie!
May 7Shovels,Chainsaws and Cobwebs…Oh, My…
May 9It Is Finished!
May 11Selling Your Soul
May 14Sunny Makes a Stand
May 16Circus Food
May 18Belfry Makes His Move
May 21Family Jewels
May 23Fiesta Night
May 25Perky
May 28Get It?
May 30Harem
Jun 1Sweet Memories…
Jun 4Sunny Says A Mouthful
Jun 4Sunny Says a Mouthful
Jun 6Look What I Can Do…
Jun 8Crossed Paths
Jun 11Demons
Jun 11Schedule Change
Jun 13Little Bites!
Jun 18Fang Face
Jun 20The Vampa Shuffle
Jun 25Hell Yeah!
Jun 27Mirror, Mirror
Jul 2Independence
Jul 4Happy Birthday, Vinnie!
Jul 9The Love Bench
Jul 11Belfry Anniversary
Jul 13Friday the 13th! III
Jul 16Gone Batty!
Jul 18Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It!
Jul 23Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut…
Jul 25Maul In The Family
Jul 30Schooled
Aug 1What’s All the Buzz About?
Aug 6The Burning Biscuit
Aug 8Little Bites! II
Aug 13Cock A Doodle Don’t
Aug 15Inside The Lines
Aug 20Life Expectancy
Aug 22The Web Comic
Aug 27The Sneeze
Aug 29Blood Bath
Sep 3Little Bites! III
Sep 5In the Flesh…
Sep 10Psycho!
Sep 12Tools of the Trade
Sep 17Sunny meets Dr. Shrinkenheimer
Sep 19Paper Wars
Sep 24Fall Guy
Sep 26The October List
Oct 1The Return of the Halloweener!
Oct 2Sidekick
Oct 3Sidekick ll
Oct 4Sidekick lll
Oct 5Trick or Teeth
Oct 8Columbus Day
Oct 9If The Costume Fits…
Oct 10WolverWeen
Oct 11Halloween Bites!
Oct 12Zombie Boy Tribute!
Oct 15Impale
Oct 16The Happy Story
Oct 17Little Devil
Oct 18The Mummy’s Wound…
Oct 19Mirror Image
Oct 21The Halloween Helmet
Oct 23Jacked O’ Lantern
Oct 24Picking Punkins
Oct 25I Love That Punkin’ To Pieces!
Oct 26My 200th Comic!
Oct 29Hurricane Sunny
Oct 30Playing With Your Food
Oct 31Farewell Halloweener
Nov 5Bloody Mary Returns…
Nov 7The Hunt For Red November
Nov 9Vinnie Gets It
Nov 12The Closet Monster
Nov 14The Closet Monster Part 2
Nov 16The Closet Monster Part 3
Nov 19Frost Bite
Nov 21Little Known Facts!
Nov 23The Voice of Sanity
Nov 26Little Bites!
Nov 28Eleven Years
Nov 30Back In My Day…
Dec 3Lesson Plan
Dec 5The Driving Lesson
Dec 7Vinnie’s A Wreck
Dec 10Focus
Dec 12Leggo My Ego
Dec 14Cold Hearted
Dec 17Losing The Fight
Dec 19Sick As A Dog
Dec 21Believe
Dec 24Word Of The Day
Dec 26Resolution
Dec 28Vampa Is Revolting
Dec 31Batty For Improvement


Jan 2Blood Spill
Jan 4Just My Type
Jan 7Life’s Tough
Jan 9Blink
Jan 11Bat Hole
Jan 14Part Time Job
Jan 16Grow a Pair
Jan 18Job Hunting Bites!
Jan 21Training
Jan 23Special Greeting
Jan 25Cluster Suck
Jan 28The Professor
Jan 30Give Until It Hurts!
Feb 1Paysnub
Feb 4The Human Kid
Feb 6Bugs
Feb 8Can I Keep Him?
Feb 11Follow The Leader
Feb 13Share
Feb 15Bob Gets Bugged!
Feb 18Run, Kid, Run!
Feb 20Smoothie Run
Feb 22What’s In The Bucket?
Feb 25Sunny Plays A Brick…
Feb 27The Eternal Question
Mar 1Cereal Killer
Mar 4Small Talk
Mar 6Good Boy, Bob
Mar 8Pimp Cup
Mar 11Who’s Your Daddy?
Mar 13Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes
Mar 15Wanted
Mar 18Funny Papers
Mar 20Bobbin’ for Belfry!
Mar 22Putting Your Heads Together
Mar 25Perspectives
Mar 27Little Bites! Little Known Facts Combo!
Mar 29Rude Awakenings
Apr 1April Fools Day
Apr 3The Contest
Apr 5Maniac
Apr 8Animal Crackers
Apr 10No Bones About It
Apr 12Nutty Decision
Apr 15Vinnie’s Left Out
Apr 17Come Play With Me!
Apr 19Have A Heart
Apr 22A Nose for Bats
Apr 24Vampa’s “Coffin Time” Story
Apr 26Sunny Draws the Line
Apr 29Come Hell Or Hot Water…
May 1All Pooped Out!
May 3Coffin Time Conclusion
May 6Trust Issues
May 8Little Bites: Reign of Terror!
May 10Darkness Falls
May 13Smooth Prank
May 15Laundry King
May 17I’ll Drink To That!
May 20Vinnie Unshackled
May 22The Long Walk Home
May 24Repercussions
May 27Checked Out
May 29Part Time Skills
May 31Drop Dead, Fred
Jun 3The Visit
Jun 5Black Sheep
Jun 7Here We Go…
Jun 10Be It Ever So Humble…
Jun 12Privacy
Jun 14My 300th Comic!
Jun 17All Joking Aside…
Jun 19The Second Job Begins…
Jun 21Makeup
Jun 24Gimmie A Sign!
Jun 26A Small Show Of Support
Jun 28The Mad Hatter!
Jul 1Fourth Wall Down…
Jul 3Six Foot Deep Thoughts…
Jul 5Vinnie’s Birthday BBQ!
Jul 8Belfry’s Crappy Day!
Jul 10A Kiss For Vinnie
Jul 12Dog Days of Summer
Jul 15Renny Returns!
Jul 17Sunny’s Choice
Jul 19The Question
Jul 22Bob’s On Guard!
Jul 24You Snooze, You Bruise
Jul 26If He Only Knew…
Jul 29Nothing to Hyde
Jul 31Dr. Sunny and Miss Inside
Aug 2The Problem
Aug 5Mirror, Mirror in the Hall…
Aug 7Why Tempt Fate?
Aug 9The Whole Truth
Aug 12The Howl
Aug 14Blood Box Blues
Aug 16Heavy Thinker
Aug 19Senior Decade
Aug 21Vinnie’s Sunshine
Aug 23He Said, She Heard
Aug 26Peek – A – Bath
Aug 28Big Screen Dreams!
Aug 30The Guest List
Sep 2George Ford Guest Comic
Sep 4Mike Bromage Guest Comic
Sep 6Jon Esparza Guest Comic
Sep 9J.P. Keslensky Guest Comic
Sep 11Vince Dorse Guest Comic
Sep 13Rhyme Time
Sep 16Kim Belding Guest Comic
Sep 18Chris Simonite Guest Comic
Sep 20Mark Stokes Guest Comic
Sep 23Michael Corley Guest Comic
Sep 25Christian Henry Guest Comic
Sep 27Look Who’s Back!
Sep 30Vinnie’s Reservation
Oct 1The Halloweener Cometh!
Oct 2Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Oct 3The Devil’s in the Details…
Oct 4The Naked Truth
Oct 7The Dream Team
Oct 8One Flew Over the Pumpkin Patch!
Oct 9Dead Ringers
Oct 10Pumpkin Patch Blues
Oct 11Wack-O-Lantern
Oct 14Breaking Blood
Oct 15Something In The Air…
Oct 16The Sidekick
Oct 17Vampa’s Haunted Past
Oct 18A Sob For Bob…
Oct 21Sunny Saw A Trike!
Oct 22Ninja In Training
Oct 23Rescue Mission
Oct 24Halloween Little Bites!
Oct 25The Halloweener’s Revenge
Oct 28Halloweenie!
Oct 29Scary, Scary…Bloody Mary…
Oct 30Masked Mistake!
Oct 31The Octoonber Madness Show!
Nov 1No Laughing Matter
Nov 4Tick…Tick…Tick…
Nov 6The Bad Goodnight
Nov 8Little Known Facts!
Nov 11Number One
Nov 13Sunny’s First Pet
Nov 15Fishing for Names
Nov 18Just the Facts…
Nov 20Swim For Your Life!
Nov 22Front Row Seat
Nov 25Take A Hike
Nov 27Thank Full
Nov 29Benched
Dec 2Family Dollar
Dec 4The Ugly Truth
Dec 6Blood Rush
Dec 9Under Study
Dec 11Sing For Your Supper
Dec 13Stumped
Dec 16Fishy Thoughts
Dec 18Crappy Caroling
Dec 20The Santa List
Dec 23The Hit List
Dec 25Take Your Lumps…
Dec 27A Look At The Year…
Dec 30Pearly White Fright


Jan 1Crappy New Year
Jan 3Leggo of my Ego…
Jan 6Renny’s Resolution
Jan 8Name Calling
Jan 10Renny vs. Vinnie!
Jan 13Adorability Factor
Jan 15Awaken the Past
Jan 17The Vampa Chronicles
Jan 20The Vampa Chronicles Continues…
Jan 22The Vampa Chronicles III
Jan 24The Vampa Chronicles IV
Jan 27Nothin’ But Net!
Jan 29Howling Mad
Jan 31Batty Brains
Feb 3Belfry Doesn’t Do Windows…
Feb 5Run, Renny, Run!
Feb 7Mistaken Identity…
Feb 10The “Macgyver” Moment
Feb 12Hosting A Heelslug
Feb 12Very Cool Fan Art!
Feb 14The End Of An Era…
Feb 17Dunked In Punishhment
Feb 19Normal On The Brain
Feb 21Beard Business…
Feb 24Boredom
Feb 27Five Second Rule
Mar 3Lizard Brain
Mar 6Hunting With Belfry
Mar 10Tyrannical Traveler
Mar 13Dreamy Delivery
Mar 17Therapy Bound
Mar 20Weight For It…
Mar 24Nuts…
Mar 27Pop Up
Mar 31Masterpiece Shadow Puppet Theater
Apr 3Moving
Apr 7Crazy Talk
Apr 10Dead Ringer
Apr 14Spring Break
Apr 17A Deserving Serving
Apr 21Vinnie’s Believe It or Not!
Apr 24Be It Ever So Rumble….
Apr 28The Shirt Hits The Fan
May 1Vinnie Bares It, Sunny Bears It!
May 5Stressed….
May 8Ball and Chain
May 12Mom Bomb
May 15What A Pair!
May 19You’ve Been Served
May 22The Name Game
May 26Fast Money
May 29Batty For Squirrels
Jun 2Bad Blood
Jun 5Doctor Fangenstein
Jun 9Avoid The Rhoids…
Jun 12Full Moon Mayhem
Jun 13Friday the 13th: Full Moon Edition!
Jun 16Fuzzy Marbles
Jun 19Runaway Urg
Jun 23Doggone Disrespectful
Jun 26Flowers by the Pond
Jun 30Here We Go Again…
Jul 3Hiding Out
Jul 7Fire Away
Jul 10The Icy Answer
Jul 14Hellraiser
Jul 17Fashion Face Palm
Jul 21Back in the Shack!
Jul 24Sign Me Up!
Jul 28Boxers or Briefs
Jul 31Sign Flipping
Aug 4Taking Your Work Home
Aug 7Sittin’ Pretty
Aug 11Working Like A Dog
Aug 14Face Time
Aug 18School of Love
Aug 21Reality Check
Aug 25Dare to Compare
Aug 28Top Dog
Sep 1Toon Balloon
Sep 4I Think, Therefore I’m Bob
Sep 8Three Years Online!
Sep 11Afterlife Aspirations
Sep 15The Borrowed Brush
Sep 18The Cure Might Kill Ya!
Sep 22Blood Box Blues
Sep 25Falling Leaves…
Sep 29Favorite Season
Oct 1The Halloweener Strikes!
Oct 2Halloween Spirit
Oct 3Sidekick Situation
Oct 6A Darker Bat Rises!
Oct 7Vinnie’s Patch Problem
Oct 8Pumpkin Patch Path
Oct 9The Pumpkin Poltergeist!
Oct 10Family Reunion
Oct 13Rude Awakening
Oct 14Season Of The Patch
Oct 15Among the Pumpkins
Oct 16Cease and Desist
Oct 17Canine Carver
Oct 20Oh, Brother…
Oct 21Sleep Tight
Oct 22The Thing With Two Heads!
Oct 23Agony Of Da Feet!
Oct 24Separation Anxiety
Oct 27500th Comic!
Oct 28House Of Horrors
Oct 29The Sunny Mask
Oct 30Pint Sized Epiphany
Oct 31Vinnie Bears It All
Nov 3Hiatus


Jan 1Vinnie’s New Year
Jan 5Food For Thought
Jan 8PB Jeebies
Jan 12Freezer Burn
Jan 15Foul Mouth
Jan 19Blood Pop
Jan 22Super Powers
Jan 26Little Known Facts: Tongue Talk
Jan 29Sun, Moon and Scars
Feb 2Rock, Paper, Scissors
Feb 5The Proper Tools
Feb 9Heart Attack
Feb 12Book Of Love
Feb 13Labor Of Love
Feb 16The “V” Word
Feb 19The Dog Days Of Winter
Feb 23The Ol’ Hat and Scarf Routine
Feb 26Yet Another Hiatus…
Jul 6Birthday Bash
Jul 13High Expectations
Jul 20Stoned
Jul 27Flood Gates
Aug 3After Glow
Aug 10Too Cruel For School
Aug 17Dressed To Depress
Aug 24Tricking Bob
Aug 31The “F” Word
Sep 7Bob’s Revenge
Sep 14The Perfect Swing
Sep 21All Is Well
Sep 28The Flavor of Fall
Oct 2The Halloweener Rises!
Oct 5October Cheer
Oct 7Little Known Facts: Halloween Edition
Oct 9The Vampire Guardian’s Oath
Oct 12Pumpkin Time!
Oct 14Gourds & Giggles
Oct 16HelloWeen
Oct 19Gimmie A “P”
Oct 21Family Traditions
Oct 23Sunny the Magnificent!
Oct 26Costume Doom
Oct 28A Visit From Bloody Mary
Oct 30Chilling Chatter
Oct 31The Halloweener’s Wrath
Nov 13My Name Is Friday…The Thirteenth


Sep 30The Comics Are Coming!
Oct 3The Halloweener Rolls
Oct 5Trumped
Oct 7Bonding With Bob
Oct 10A Halloween To Die For
Oct 12Going Postal
Oct 14Bloody Mary’s Catastrophe
Oct 17The Patch Is Waiting!
Oct 19Pumpkin Protest
Oct 21Pumpkin Patch Peril
Oct 24A Bad Sign
Oct 26Read It And Weep
Oct 28Shingled Out
Oct 31A Shocking Conclusion
Nov 7Possession Session
Nov 14Little Bites: Pop and Pup
Nov 21No Shave November
Nov 28Mouthing Off
Dec 5A Question Of Lunacy
Dec 12Dressing The Dead
Dec 19Jingle Bully


Jan 1Happy New Year!
Jan 13Relentless Resolution
Oct 2Big Trouble For The Halloweener
Oct 4SunnyWise
Oct 6Batty Binge
Oct 9Game Of Wrongs
Oct 11Little Known Facts!
Oct 13Friday the Thirteenth: October Edition!
Oct 16Damn You, Sarah McLachlan
Oct 18Violent Tendencies
Oct 20Get Cozy
Oct 23It Rubs The Lotion On It’s Skin…
Oct 25Eleven
Oct 27Batty Protest
Oct 31Harboring Evil
Nov 6November Blues
Nov 13Waul To Waul
Nov 20Puppet Tear
Nov 27The Full “Monty”
Dec 4Cyber Bully
Dec 11Snow Man Down
Dec 18The Early Bat
Dec 25Happy Holidays!


Jan 1Holding Back
Jan 8Healthy Choices
Jan 15Freezy McToesies
Jan 22Funny Smell
Jan 29Clowning Around
Feb 5Super Blood Moon
Feb 12Valentine’s Wish
Feb 19Rainiac
Feb 26Neck Ed
Mar 5Spring Fling
Mar 12Dysfunction Junction