The only difference between Vinnie and the typical American teenager is a set of fangs. Vinnie is pessimistic, moody, and forever the victim of his family’s abuse. He loves rock music, sleeping late and gazing at the stars in the old Transylton cemetery. Mostly Vinnie just wishes for a normal, quiet life. Well, keep wishing Vinnie…


     This pernicious preschooler is Vinnie’s younger sister, Sunny. She is a constant thorn in Vinnie’s side, leaving a wake of destruction wherever she goes. This single-fanged menace looks at the world as a wondrous place for her amusement. Sunny has recently begun to get vampire urges, so she is a frequent terror for Vinnie and her unfortunate doll Abby. Follow this character with caution, because she will literally leave you in stitches.


     Vampa is the crotchety old geezer of the family. This ancient vampire is always quick to tell it like it is. After an unsuccessful attempt at retirement home living, Vampa moves in and immediately sets his sights on Vinnie. Needless to say, Vinnie and Vampa stay at each other’s throats in the never-ending battle between generation gaps. Will Vampa’s old school ways get the best of Vinnie, or will Vinnie teach Vampa a thing or two about the new generation?


     Belfry becomes Vinnie’s pet bat after Vinnie rescues him from a public park. This bat constantly finds himself in trouble due to his eternal clumsiness and lack of social grace. He tests the family’s patience with his bottomless stomach, couch-potato habits, and cynicism. Belfry may not be fit for life in the wild, but he is a perfect match for this not-so-normal family’s habitat.


     Bob comes from a bloodline of ferocious canine guardians that have been protecting vampires for centuries. While diligently patrolling the grounds for enemies, Bob shares his insights through constant internal dialogue. Join Bob on his next patrol and observe his love of peanut butter, hatred of cats, and his fear of the dreaded bath.


     Vinnie’s mom is the only character that is not actually seen in the strip, but what she lacks in visual presence she more than makes up for with her sheer volume. She is without a doubt the quintessential mom. Mom is quick to voice her opinion and even quicker to wield her authority, keeping everyone in line. Being constantly bombarded with her inane comments, Vinnie is convinced that communication with her is an exercise in futility.